How To Remember Your Baby Is In The Car

Every summer, you hear tragic stories of children who die from heat stroke because they were accidentally left in the back of a vehicle. Unfortunately, real and loving parents can and do forget their babies in the back seat, which often leads to their deaths. You must realize that you could find yourself in this situation. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent this tragedy from happening to your family.

Mind Tricks

One reason these awful accidents keep happening has to do with the brain and how it reacts to routine. When you have done something over and over again, such as driving to work, your brain kicks into automatic mode and you do not have to consciously think about driving. If your routine with your child changes, it's easy to forget that extra step. If you are not the parent who usually drops the child off, you may drive to work without stopping by daycare. If your child goes to sleep, the problem is compounded because you can't hear them. You also cannot see them because the child seat is in the backseat and facing the rear. Other factors can also influence this oversight. You may picture yourself taking your child to the babysitter and then forget you didn't actually do it. Also, if you are distracted when you arrive home from the grocery store, you may decide to let the baby sleep while you unload the car and then forget they are in the vehicle. Good parents can make this horrible mistake.


Experts recommend incorporating several techniques to make sure this situation does not happen to you. One popular trick is to keep your purse or wallet in the backseat. That way, you will remember to look in the back before you exit. If you do manage to get out of the car without the item, you will shortly notice it's missing. Another method is to place a stuffed animal in the front seat with you whenever your child is in the back. You can also ask your childcare professional to call anytime your child does not show up without prior notice.

Hot car child deaths are usually not caused by neglect or design: they are tragic accidents caused by memory glitches. You can prevent this tragedy from happening to you by taking a few preventative steps. If you realize that it can happen to you and take action, it probably won't. For more tips, talk to a childcare professional like Noah's Ark Christian Daycare.