7 Potty Training Tips

Potty training is a sometimes frustrating project that requires consistency from you and your child's daycare teachers. Without consistency, your child can experience challenges that could delay how soon he or she can be potty-trained. If you are potty training your child, here are some tips you can use to potty train your child.

  1. Talk to the daycare teachers. Work with the daycare teachers to develop a plan for potty training that focuses on consistency across the board. Having the same methods enforced at the daycare and at home can help make potty training easier.
  2. Dress your child appropriately. Until your child is more familiar with his or her body's cues that it is time to head to the restroom, dress him or her in clothes that are easy to unfasten in a hurry. 
  3. Setup a reward system. Daycares routinely use reward systems to help encourage potty training, such as special stickers. You can also use a simple system in your home to praise your child for staying on track. 
  4. Do not forget the extra clothes. Chances are, you already have an extra set of clothes at the daycare for your child. However, since your child is now potty training, ensure that the daycare has at least three changes of clothes available.
  5. Stick to the system at home. It can sometimes be easier to revert back to using diapers at home. Unfortunately, this can derail what the daycare is doing. You have to continue to attempt to potty train at home along with the daycare. If you decide your child is not ready, let the daycare know.
  6. Follow the potty schedule the daycare uses. Daycares tend to rely on scheduled potty breaks so that kids can get used to going to the restroom at certain intervals. If your daycare uses one, try to time your child's potty breaks at home along the same time intervals. 
  7. Remember accidents happen. In the daycare setting, teachers usually do not make a big production of accidents. At home, you should also avoid making a big deal out of accidents. Accidents happen and your child will be discouraged if you yell or fuss at him or her. 

Potty training can seem like it goes on forever, but before you realize it, your child will be ready to go to the restroom without your help. Continue to work with your child's daycare for continued guidance with potty training. Contact a facility like Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center for more information.